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     Thermostats are the communication device between your desired temperature in the house and the initiation of your heating and cooling system. Our certified techs can provide thermostat options to fit your specific system and satisfy your house temperature needs. Thermostat capability ranges from simple “turn on turn off” to sophisticated wi-fi smart thermostat.

Ecobee Pro Series Smart Thermostat with Voice Control is unlike any other thermostat on the market. With built in Amazon Alexa, you can control temperature with your voice while playing music directly from the thermostat itself. Enhanced features for system efficiency and comfort include an additional sensor, cool-to-dehumidify, eco + and more. Tap the button below to schedule your ecobee install today or touch the thermostat to learn more.

Infinity Touch Control

     The Infinity Touch Control is a superior Carrier thermostat.  With it’s communicating features this thermostat utilizes the Infinity system to create precision comfort in your home.   Tap the button below to schedule your Infinity Touch Control install today or touch the thermostat to learn more.

Emerson basic thermostats are your standard upgrade from the old round thermostat on your wall.  Big buttons and a large back light screen make this thermostat your easy-to-use hvac control.  Depending on your control wiring in your home these thermostats can be battery powered or hardwired.