Preseason Sale

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Are You ConnectedLet us start by asking, “are you in control?” Did you know you can save on your energy bills and enhance your comfort just by upgrading your thermostat? Wi-fi compatible thermostats are the technology of today’s heating and cooling systems. Control your thermostat from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Prices starting as low as $265. Contact us or click on a the red box title above to find out more!

Preseason Sale Link Just like a car needs its oil changed, teeth need cleaned at the dentist, and your body needs a check up at the doctors, maintenance is a key aspect of a long lasting heating system in your home. A cleaning and maintenance of your gas furnace increases efficiency and longevity.  Schedule a gas furnace maintenance for $70.

Maintain The Connection Link

What if we could give you a deal on both of our specials? Well, we can. Schedule an installation of a Wi-Fi compatible thermostat from our selection with a gas furnace maintenance starting at $299.

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