Are You Connected?

Are you in control? Changing the desired temperature of your heating and cooling system is all in the palm of your hand. Upgrading to a Wi-Fi compatible thermostat will make monitoring your house temperature easier, save money on your energy bill, and also qualify for a Duquesne Light rebate! Call or send in a service request on our “Contact Us” page to schedule your new wi-fi compatible thermostat installation. Check out our list of wi-fi compatible thermostats below. Limitations apply. Prices starting at $265.

SenSi Thermostat

SenSi is a Wi-Fi compatible thermostat where the desired temperature in your home can be controlled through an app on your smartphone, tablet, or on the web page from a computer. The SenSi thermostat has a simple design that controls system functions, scheduled heating/cooling programs, and displays the humidity present in your home.

Honewell Lyric

The Lyric is the “Round” Honeywell thermostat of today. Utilizing technology known as Geofencing, the Lyric uses a GPS tracking system connected to your smartphone to know when you are home or away. It has motion sensing features to light up as you approach the thermostat. The compact Lyric helps to increase efficiency of the current system in your home.