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Heating – Air Conditioning


The summer season is filled with good times out in the sun and coming home to a nice cool environment. Your air conditioner is the “heart” of keeping your house cool during those hot days. We proudly stand by our knowledge and capabilities to fix or install the perfect air conditioning system to suit your needs.

Air Conditioner

      An air conditioners soul purpose is to maintain a cool temperature and control humidity in your home.  The Carrier brand AC ranges in efficiency and technology through their Comfort, Performance, and Infinity series. 

Heat Pump

     A heat pump is another source of electric heat for your home.  These units can be combined with a gas furnace or an air handler to efficiently produce electric heat in your home.  Heat pumps are a great alternative to applications where gas supply is unavailable and oil is no longer desired. These systems run the same way an air conditioner does in the summer months, but reverse their cycle in the winter months to heat your home. 

     Combine any of the above units with an Ecobee 5 Pro Series smart thermostat with voice control for increased intelligence and connected comfort.